Need PVC vinyl banners?

4th June 2018

PVC banners, also known as ‘vinyl banners’ are lightweight, durable and very weather resistant. They are perfect for indoor or outdoor use because they are also UV resistant.

If your business requires banners for long-term application (for example, banners that’ll be tied to a fence for 12-months), rest assured PVC vinyl is a material you can rely on to stand the test of time. It really is exceptionally durable.

Another great thing about vinyl banners is they can be printed to virtually any size. That’s why you commonly see huge spreads in football stadiums and near supermarkets. PVC is also a recyclable material so can help you meet your environmental commitments. In fact, PVC has a longer history of recycling than any other plastic.

Why PVC banners?

PVC banners are popular because they are incredibly durable. They are waterproof, tear and scratch resistant, and won’t fade in the sun.

They are also easy to handle. PVC banners are flexible. They can be folded or rolled up to save space and transport from site to site. When rolled up or folded, the take up 30 per cent of the space of a traditional advertising board.

Why Process Print?

We’ve over 25 years’ experience printing PVC vinyl banners. We’re a well-established and widely recommended brand with over a thousand happy customers.

We’re also local to York and print banners for over thirty local businesses. We’re happy to meet and greet our customers to discuss projects. We’re also just as happy to quote you on the telephone, should you want a fast turnaround.

About our PVC banners

Our PVC banners are the best in the business. We use the highest-quality vinyl and ink to guarantee a durable product for outdoor use.

All vinyl banner projects are unique – we don’t offer ‘standard’ sizes like we do with business cards and leaflets. We’ll quote you for the work on a per project basis. Our prices are extremely competitive, and we guarantee a flawless end product.


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Please don't hesitate to contact Process Print York for any of your print needs. We are local York printers and you can pop in to our office anytime to discuss your project. Unlike other online print solution we are always free for a cup of tea or a chat, so for your bespoke print solutions in York come see Process Print. Our offices are locate at Unit 6, Clifton Moor Business Village, James Nicolson Link, York YO30 4XG.

We offer new special print offers every week on our web site but did you know that we also post every week on Facebook and Twitter. Please keep checking back and you never know something you have bought before may just be up to half price.

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    Process offers free delivery nationwide on all our standard products. On most bespoke jobs we do the same but we look at each one on a job by job basis. When ever possible we like to meet people face to face and will deliver it in person.
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